Restaurant Closed. Stay tuned here for Guam Food Ordering website.


Why we are not selling gift-cards?

Many customers suggested we sell gift-cards since the start of the shelter-in-place order. Our website is in house designed and developed, and already has a membership/gift-card function that is only one click away from being turned on.

However, we have been resisting the urge to do so. Here are the reasons:

1, We want to rely on our food quality to earn you business, not ONLY your sympathy.

2, Yes, we are in a difficult time, but with the pandemic, we think most of our customers’ financial situation is not in their optimum status, we do not want to exert additional pressure on our beloved customers.

3, By selling gift-cards, we are making a contractual promise that we will be here to serve you once this is all over. But to be honest, who knows? Refunding the gift-cards is just additional trouble for you as our customer and for us, distracting us from our main goal: serving you delicious and healthy food.

Your sympathy is greatly appreciated, please order take-outs from us now to show your support. 

We are so grateful for your business, as we have always been!